[Non]-Human Person
  • International Competition
  • Animal Liberation
Synopsis Sandra and Cecilia are two great apes that live secluded and exhibited in two Argentine zoos in terrible conditions. The NGO Proyecto Gran Simio contacts a group of Argentine lawyers to begin a journey to achieve recognition of the three fundamental rights: the right to life, liberty and non-torture. Against them, they will have the zoo managers, related to the animal trafficking mafias, afraid of losing their economic benefits at the expense of the animals. Candela, a photojournalist, begins an investigation to gather scientific, biological and evolutionary arguments that demonstrate our similarities with Sandra and Cecilia.
Álex CUÉLLAR, Rafa G. SÁNCHEZ 알렉스 케야르, 라파 G. 산체스
Alex Cuéllar has a degree in History and Archeology, later introduced to the world of cinema through studying Film Directing. Rafa G. Sánchez has a Diploma at the Catalonia Film School in Film Directing.
Director Álex CUÉLLAR, Rafa G. SÁNCHEZ
Country Spain
Year 2022
Running Time 109min
Genre Documentary
  • International Premiere
Screening Schedule
  • DC12
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