• 그린 파노라마
Synopsis When Aliona was a child, Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union (after the Russian occupation). She spoke two languages (Lithuanian and Russian). During Aliona’s childhood her parents recorded poems and songs that she knew by heart. Thirty years later Aliona listens to the tape and returns to the place where she was born. With Lithuania’s independence and the Russian language losing importance, she remembers and yearns for her childhood in her everyday life and longs for the peace that she found in her family nest.
(French) Pendant son enfance, les parents d' Aliona enregistèrent sur une cassette audio des poèmes et chansons qu'elle connaissait par coeur. Trente ans après, Aliona écoutera à nouveau la cassette audio et retournera sur les lieux où elle est née.

(Spanish) Durante la infancia de Aliona sus padres grabaron en una cinta de audio poemas y canciones que ella sabía de memoria. Treinta años después Aliona escuchará nuevamente la cinta de audio y volverá al lugar en que nació.
Antonio Savinelli 안토니오 사비넬리
Director Antonio Savinelli
Country Spain, Lithuania, Venezuela
Year 2012
Running Time 12'10"
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule