Nature 2.0
21세기의 자연
  • 그린파노라마
Synopsis Nature 2.0 seeks a new understanding of nature. Nature as an untouchable phenomenon has ceased to exist. Humans changed nature. How do we represent nature for our needs? The film is a collage that shows the maker’s view on the shaped nature in our everyday life.
Maren GEDENK 마렌 헤덴크
Maren GEDENK left her hometown in Germany for her studies at AKV St.Joost in Breda, The Netherlands. Although she was always interested in the power of the image, the academy was the place where she found her passion and love for film. Nature 2.0 is her graduation project.
Director Maren GEDENK
Country Netherlands
Year 2014
Running Time 11min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule