Nanga Parbat
운명의 산: 낭가 파르밧
  • UMFF 초이스
Synopsis Reinhold and Guenther MESSNER brothers had a childhood dream of climbing the Nanga Parbat, the over 8,000 meter ‘naked mountain’ in the Himalayas. In the year 1970, the time has come for the brothers. An elite group of international mountain climbers intend to conquer the peak. After a bad weather forecast, Reinhold decides to take to the top alone and Guenther follows him. After a struggle for survival, only Reinhold makes it back to the camp alive.
Joseph VILSMAIER 조셉 빌스마이어
VILSMAIER’s film, Stalingrad (1993) which depicts World War II from German army’s view, still keeps its fame among military maniacs. In this film, he shows a brotherhood and the conflicts among the mountain climbers when they face extreme situation during climbing.
Director Joseph VILSMAIER
Country Germany
Year 2010
Running Time 104min
Genre Fiction
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