My Village, My Lobster
마이 빌리지, 마이 랍스터
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis My Village, My Lobster features exclusive testimony from a cast of compelling central characters: lobster divers who have been injured from the bends while diving; boat owners and captains who are responsible for their divers’ safety; a hyperbaric medicine specialist who treats injured divers; and diving boat crew members who have witnessed divers die from the bends firsthand. In addition, the film includes exclusive footage from aboard The Spanish Lady , a commercial lobster diving vessel, as well as stunning footage from the remote Miskito Keys – the fabled turtle hunting grounds of the Miskito Indians.
Joshua WOLFF 조슈아 울프
Joshua WOLFF has been in the education world for over ten years. He founded Nomading Films and produced numerous non-fiction media including documentary. He also co-founded My Digistroy, an international organization that trains underrepresented and at-risk youth in digital storytelling.
Director Joshua WOLFF
Country USA
Year 2012
Running Time 60'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule