My Sweet Home – The Nation Is Violence
마이 스윗 홈 - 국가는 폭력이다
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름 - 장편
Synopsis The trial started after the tragedy of Yong-san. The charges of the six squatters arrested right after the disaster and the three hospitalized (Kim Seong-hwan, Cheon Ju-seok, Kim Chang-soo) were special obstruction of justice and homicide.
Since the prosecution refused to disclose three thousand pages of investigation records involving police commanders at that time, the defense counsils rejected the trial. Nevertheless, the trial was enforced. Fall 2009, the defendants hiered a new defense team(including lawyer Kim Hyeong-tae) in a week. Since then, the trial had been proceeded, 2 times a week, to keep the due date of imprisonment.
Lawyer Kim Hyeong-tae, questioning the cause of the fire being Molotov cocktail as prosecutors insisted, presented new possibile factors including generators and electric grinders, creating positive vibes.
For a week until the day of ruling, those three defendants accused without detention, sentenced seven years in prison by the prosecution, visited their hometown, prepared the final decision, and began talking about what they had on their mind.
BlueFly 김청승
Director BlueFly
Country Korea
Year 2010
Running Time 113'16''
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule