Musoon, Across the Universe
무순, 세상을 가로질러
  • Korean Competition
  • 2020 Focus - Eco Us, Eco Earth
Synopsis This work is the portrait of KWON Musoon, a young man who is growing up as a subjective human even after the economic crisis. Musoon works as a staff in a sandwich shop from morning to afternoon. In the evening, he plays a guitar in a band and boxes as an amateur player, but success in the music industry or boxing is hard to achieve. One day, he plans to take a 10-day trip from Busan to Seoul with Tae-won, his friend from work. The film captures the mental landscape of the main character through drawing a cinematic map created by running and walking.
NAM Seung-suk 남승석
In 2002, he started the Nomadic Project making films in five cities on five continents as part of the mapping project to create atlases of emotion. So far, he directed Kiki+Godot (Chicago, 2008), Nina (Paris, 2009) and Jeehye (Seoul, Paris, 2010).
Director NAM Seung-suk
Country Korea
Year 2019
Running Time 103min
Genre Documentary
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NameNam Seung-suk Film