Mottainai Kitchen
모따이나이 키친
  • Eating up the Planet
Synopsis Mottainai Kitchen is a culinary road movie, tackling the issue of food waste and other environmental issues in Japan, searching for sustainable solutions. The film follows filmmaker and food activist David Gross as he discovers the fascinating Japanese concept of "Mottainai", meets local chefs, scientists and farmers while creating tasty recipes for a "Zero Waste Kitchen Revolution."
David GROSS 다비드 그로스
Born in Austria, he has worked as a TV journalist, filmmaker, and food activist. As an avid dumpster diver, he has traveled around Europe serving creative dishes made with ingredients destined to be thrown away.
Director David GROSS
Country Japan
Year 2020
Running Time 95min
Genre Documentary
  • International Premiere
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NameCinema Dal
Tel(+82) 23372135