Morris’ Bag
모리스의 텃밭
  • 기후 변화와 미래 - 왜 우리는 빈곤한가?
Synopsis Morris lives in Kibera, one of the largest slums in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. Life there is difficult but
through the marvels of urban farming and the creative use of an old sack, finds out how Morris is able to feed his family all year round. How do we cope with the growing demand on resources? As food prices rise, is there any way to protect the poorest? Or do we have to accept that they’re
always going to go hungry?
Michele MELLARA, Alessandro ROSSI 미셸 말라라, 알레산드로 로씨
They worked few documentaries. The main work is Fort Bastiani(2002).
Director Michele MELLARA, Alessandro ROSSI
Country Kenya
Year 2012
Running Time 2'22"
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule