More than a Tree
희망의 맹그로브 - 미얀마의 경우
  • 널리 보는 세상-그린 아시아
Synopsis Punctuated by striking images of the coastal landscape, this short documentary describes thecritical importance of mangrove restoration in reducing disaster risks aggravated by the changing
environment; it also shows how the women of these villages in particular have become part of an ecovision to protect and help their communities.
Khin Myanmar, Philipp DANAO 킨 미얀마, 필립 다나오
Khin's interest in film began as a teenager and she teamed up with the director of an NGO, Philipp DANAO, to co-direct this film. With more than 10 years of demonstrated experience in disaster management nationally and regionally in Asia, DANAO is committed to build community resilience through enhancing local adaptive capacity and partnerships in DRR.
Director Khin Myanmar, Philipp DANAO
Country Myanmar
Year 2012
Running Time 16min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule