Miryang Arirang - Legend of Miryang 2
밀양 아리랑
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름
Synopsis The 765 tower was going to be built next to our farm, so we stopped working to struggle for 3 years. They say that we lose our land and get sick when the tower is in. We fought against it with our people. In October last year, 3,000 policemen forced in and the village turned out to be a battlefield. There is no way to stop the tower even though we have struggled so far. I got lots of things to say. Will you listen to me?
PARK Bae-Il 박배일
PARK Bae-Il is currently working in an independent film group, Ozifilm. Inspired by an old lady in his neighborhood, he made his first short documentary, Just Their Christmas (2007). Dreaming of a world without any discrimination against workers, women and the disabled, he is currently working on other documentary projects.
Director PARK Bae-Il
Country Korea
Year 2015
Running Time 105min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule