미나마타 만다라
  • While We Build the Ruins
Synopsis The disease, methyl mercury poisoning in 1937 at a small regional Japanese fishing village co-existing with the Chisso Chemical Corporation, dumping toxic wastes from the factory to the ocean where fishes were contaminated and eaten by people, became paralyzed with their body, losing eyesight, not functioning for human activity. Finally, Minamata disease certification criteria (1977) were set by a strange method trying not to recognize environmental disease patients. Osaka court won the case for some patient demands from new theory by medical doctor’s experiment and proof recently, but…
HARA Kazuo 하라 카즈오
Born in 1945, Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan. Attended Tokyo College of Photography and he held a photo exhibition about disabled children: there met with his partner, Kobayashi Sachiko, starting Shisso Production, inc. in 1972.
Director HARA Kazuo
Country Japan
Year 2020
Running Time 372min
Genre Documentary
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