Message of the Animals
사라지는 외침
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Synopsis By strong, epic and unique animated pictures the message of the animals is submitted in poetical and associative impressions and symbols. Mankind who tries to catch and own our world remains with empty hands. At the end, when all animals have gone, when darkness reigned, there’s only hope left.
Elke H. MARKOPOULOS, Rainer LUDWIGS 엘케 H.마르코포울로스, 라이너 루드빅스
Elke studied Art and Design at Berkeley University of California and at University of Fine Arts of Hamburg. Rainer created television spots at the International Advertising agency, Grey in Dusseldorf.
Director Elke H. MARKOPOULOS, Rainer LUDWIGS
Country Germany
Year 2016
Running Time 9min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule