Mermaid Dream
  • The Island of Survival, Jeju
Program Note A mermaid is stranded at a Jeju Island seashore when the ebb and flow cycle gets warped from global warming. Villagers find the mermaid who looks nothing like what humans always imagined. Five men including the village head, a raw fish diner owner, politician, YouTuber and university researcher each approach the mermaid with their own agenda. Will the mermaid be able to escape this place?
WOO Kwanghoon
Filmmaker and media artist from the Jeju Isle., he debuted with the London East Asia Film Festival award-winner Dancing with Jikji. He continues to make short and feature length films including Jeonju Int’l Film Festival-showcased Jikji Route and the Bucheon Int’l Fantastic Film Festival-showcased Kill 25 and gives lectures that discusses climate crisis through films.
Director WOO Kwanghoon
Country Korea
Year 2023
Running Time 30min
Genre Fiction
  • World Premiere
Screening Schedule