Memories of Four Days
사일의 기억
  • Korean Competition
  • 2020 Focus - Eco Us, Eco Earth
Synopsis With the introduction of foreign capital to attract tourists, Gotjawal Forest was destroyed. Large-scale casino and amenities are being established on the world’s one and only stone kiln. The young potter started full-fledged work to restore traditional Jeju earthenware which was once vanished because of tumultuous industrialization. He has been crafting bowls, keeping his fifth generation of family business. However, looking at the endless development craze in his hometown, the potter is not confident to hand over his work to his children.
MOON Sookhee 문숙희
She has a bachelor’s degree in design and a master’s in filmmaking. She captured KIM Jeonggeun, for the past ten years when the wave of developmentalism swept across every corner of Jeju. She tried to put hope into the disappearing things that pause for a moment, and breathe.
Director MOON Sookhee
Country Korea
Year 2020
Running Time 82min
Genre Documentary
  • World Premiere
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NameMOON Sookhee
Tel(+82) 010 3691 1728