Meat the Future
고기의 미래를 만나다
  • Eating up the Planet
Synopsis Liz Marshall – who opened our eyes to the inhumanity and environmental impact of animals used for food, fashion, entertainment and research in The Ghosts in Our Machine - returns with a story of planetary hope in the form of “cellular agriculture.” Meat the Future is a close-up, personal look at the visionaries risking everything to innovate real meat without slaughtering animals, and without environmental degradation.
Liz MARSHALL 리즈 마샬
She is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker. Since the 90s she has written, produced, directed, and filmed diverse international and socially conscious documentaries. Her work has been released theatrically, and has screened for hundreds of grassroots communities around the globe.
Director Liz MARSHALL
Country Canada
Year 2020
Running Time 90min
Genre Documentary
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