그녀 + 나
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Synopsis In a far far away world, tucked away in a small fold of land, behind an enormous willow tree exists the tiny tiny city of Cardboard. Normally a bright and happy place, Cardboard City remains dark over the passing of one of its finest residents, Jane Cardboard. The day her cardboard remains were laid to rest in the recycling bin, the entire town shut down. Her funeral, was full of broken hearts, but none more so than that of her love left behind; Jack Cardboard.
Joseph OXFORD 조셉 옥스포드
Joseph OXFORD is an American director. He created the very first ‘Jack’ cardboard puppet in late 2007. Years later, his short ME + HER premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.
Director Joseph OXFORD
Country USA
Year 2014
Running Time 12min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule