• 중남미 환경영화특별전
Synopsis For over five centuries, Marmato, a peaceful mining community in the Central Colombian Andes, has extracted gold using artisanal methods. If Colombia is the focal point of the new global gold rush then Marmato, a mining town with over 500 years of history, is the new frontier. In its mountain there are $20 billion dollars in gold, but its 8,000 inhabitants are at risk of being displaced by an open-pit mining project. Marmato chronicles how the towns people confront a Canadian mining company, Gran Colombia Gold that wants the gold beneath their homes. Gran Colombia Gold has declared themselves owners of the gold that has been mined by the locals for generations. Marmato is a story of how the townspeople cope with the imminent change and takeover of their town. Accompanying this story is a visual narrative of the recent skyrocketing price of gold. Animated graphic elements explain how gold’s rising value correlates to the uncertain future for the people of Marmato. Filmed over the course of 6 years, Marmato is a canvas of magic realism and the confrontation with globalized mining.
Mark GRIECO 마크 그리에코 Mark GRIECO
Mark is an independent filmmaker and photojournalist focused on human rights and justice in the global economy. He has spent many years in Latin America producing photography. Mark studied film production at New York University. Marmato is his first feature documentary.
Director Mark GRIECO
Country Colombia, USA
Year 2014
Running Time 88min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule