Maralinga Pieces
마라링가 구술사
  • 그린 파노라마 - 후쿠시마
  • 그날 이후
Synopsis In part looking at British colonial legacies and reflections on contemporary Australian culture and identity; this video contains in situ footage from the Maralinga nuclear test sites as well as the Maralinga village shot in 2011. In an attempt to show the space in which these tests occupied as well as the physical and metaphysical environments that were and are contaminated ; I wander these sites, following a nuclear veteran retrace his steps from fifty-five years ago; and in his footsteps, I, this generation, attempt to understand what really happened here.
추가: The people affected by the British atomic weapons tests at Emu Fields and Maralinga
in the 1950′s and 60′s in South Australia remain haunted and deeply impacted by
those memories. This short film extracts the memories of Aboriginal elders who
experienced the fallout, alongside those memories of Australian atomic veterans who
helped set up and execute those fateful and deadly tests. Their memories mix and
correlate, as they walk across the same desert landscape half a century later.
Jessie Boylan 제시 보일런
Jessie BOYLAN is a photomedia artist, filmmaker, freelance photographer and multimedia producer. She is currently doing her MFA at Monash University. Her works explore ideas of memory and place in relation to contemporary Australian identity, community and activism
Director Jessie Boylan
Country Australia
Year 2012
Running Time 12'37"
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule