Magic Alps
매직 알프스
Synopsis An Afghan refugee arriving in Italy to seek asylum brings the immigration system to a grinding halt when he includes his beloved goat in the application. Based on a true story.
Andrea BRUSA, Marco SCOTUZZI 안드레아 브루사, 마르코 스코투찌
Andrea BRUSA and Marco SCOTUZZI are two Italian award-winning filmmakers. Andrea and Marco write and direct together their fictional projects since 2015. Their last film Respiro(Breath) has screened in international film festivals such as HollyShorts, Newport Beach, Oaxaca Film Fest and Interfilm Berlin and was nominated for the 2017 Italian Nastro D'Argento (Silver Ribbon), awarded each year since 1946 by the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists.
Director Andrea BRUSA, Marco SCOTUZZI
Country Italy
Year 2018
Running Time 14min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule