Magaluf Ghost Town
바캉스 타운 마갈루프
  • International Competition
  • ECOmmunity
Synopsis Strange things are happening in Magaluf: the smell of piss and blood, police cars and ambulances cruising up and down the streets with no one paying them any mind, people shouting in the middle of the night... Magaluf is just a small, peaceful town on the island of Mallorca. Its residents are torn between an everyday aura of doom and genuine holiday pleasure, a place that has become the European paradigm of low cost tourism based on insatiable nightly entertainment. How do the locals survive in this low-cost tourist paradise?
Miguel Ángel BLANCA 미겔 앙헬 블랑카
He works in the field of tragicomedy, double lives and everyday obscurity. His latest works are the fables about adolescent nihilism and the fantasy of the end of the world.
Director Miguel Ángel BLANCA
Country Spain
Year 2021
Running Time 93min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
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NameTaskovski Films
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