Mad Max: Fury Road
매드맥스: 분노의 도로
  • Eco Apocalypse Now
Synopsis Characters that live in a dystopian future where the land and the sea have turned into a wasteland cry out “Who killed the world?” as if to blame humans of the past. Mad Max: Fury Road is an extreme image of the reality where billions of tons of fertile soil is damaged and numerous regions face drought every year, resulting in the desertification of a third of the land mass. Pointing to the solidarity of women and the expansion of green land as the hope of reviving the world in the movie also reflects the major solution of the climate crisis. The tension of the gravity of the climate crisis integrated with outstanding action sequences and the story of unprecedented characters make this a cli-fi masterpiece.
George MILLER 조지 밀러
The Oscar-winning writer-director-producer who was instrumental in introducing the new wave of revved-up Aussie cinema to the world stage thanks to his seminal and highly influential apocalyptic road trilogy, Mad Max.
Director George MILLER
Country USA, Australia
Year 2015
Running Time 120min
Genre Fiction
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