Locking Horns
그만 좀 하소
  • Korean Competition
  • Animal Liberation
Synopsis It is a story of ‘the bulls who didn’t become meat’. In 2002, bullfighting was legalized under the name of ‘tradition’. Large-scale bullfights are organized and gambling houses came along. People drag the bulls into the huge stadium and put them into fights. Tickets sell like hot cakes and fanfare sound all over. No one seems to care about the ones who bleed and wail amid the celebration. The bulls stick their heads out of the row of trucks and say, ‘Hey, can someone listen to us too?’
SIM Younghwa 심영화
Born in 1997, studied Visual Contents at Seoul Visual Media High School and Art&Technology at Sogang University. He’s been striving to use the media as a powerful source to support the underprivileged.
Director SIM Younghwa
Country Korea
Year 2021
Running Time 75min
Genre Documentary
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NameSim Movie Productions
Tel+82 1031874927