Little Forest
리틀 포레스트
  • 에코 밥상으로의 초대
Synopsis Hye-won puts her unsolved matters behind and impulsively returns her hometown. There she reunions her childhood friends Jae-ha and Eun-sook who carry their unusual rural life on their own way.
YIM Soon-rye 임순례
Director YIM Soon-rye has been recognized by critics and viewers for her gentle but powerful directing in films such as Waikiki Brothers (2001), Forever the Moment (2008), South Bound (2013), and The Whistleblower (2014). After establishing herself firmly as a producer of films such as One Way Trip (2016) and Sorry, Thank You (2011), YIM makes her directorial return in 4 years with Little Forest.
Director YIM Soon-rye
Country Korea
Year 2018
Running Time 103min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule