Little Forest: Four Seasons
리틀 포레스트: 사계절
  • 에코 밥상으로의 초대
Synopsis Ichiko suddenly returns to her hometown Komori located in a small forest to begin a self-su_icient life. From summer’s sikhye, autumn’s candied chestnuts, winter’s sujebi hatto to another returning spring’s potato salad, prepping and cooking self-cultivated harvests, she recalls the food-related memories of her mother, and other lost times she had forgotten…
MORI Junichi 모리 준이치
MORI Junichi who has expanded his career in film and TV as assistant director, writer and director, won the NHK Award at the 16th Sundance Film Festival with his 2001 debut feature, Laundry. He is well known for Gravity’s Clowns: A Pierrot screened at the 11th Jeonju International Film Festival where it acquired a large fan base.
Director MORI Junichi
Country Japan
Year 2018
Running Time 138min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule