Little Boy 12725
리틀보이 12725
  • Korean Competition
Synopsis 8:15 am, August 6th, 1945, atomic bomb ‘Little Boy’ was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. The six-year old girl who was there at that very moment returned to her hometown and gave birth to her own ‘little boy’ KIM Hyung-ryul. KIM discovers the tragic scars of the bombing on his body and decides to tell the world.
KIM Ji-Gon 김지곤
His films including the Grandma trilogy and Highway Stars have been invited to numerous domestic and international film festivals. He has drawn attention for his works set in Busan that focus on the disappearing spaces, fading history and the marginalized people of this particular location with a gaze of affection. He is currently running his Busan based film company Tackju Co-op, with his collegues.
Director KIM Ji-Gon
Country Korea
Year 2018
Running Time 100min
Genre Documentary
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NameTackju Corp.