Lisa Limone And Maroc Orange; a Rapid Love Story
레몬과 오렌지의 사랑
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis Maroc is the brave hero-type, bound by prejudice and poverty. He arrives a land of freedom and equality after a long rough boat trip with his fellow oranges. There they find fruit-processing factory and end up with hard labor in mechanized plantation farm. Lisa is the daughter of a rich businessman and tomato plantation owner. Although their love story proceeds happily in musical, its end leaves us with another gloomy reality. In the fruitier version of 『Romeo and Juliet』 - a 3D animated operatic extravaganza, it delivers a timely message on illegal immigrants and plantation agriculture.
Mait LAAS 메이트 라스
Mait LAAS is Estonian animation artist, author and director. He studied art at the Pedagogical University in Tallinn in 1989-1993 and completed MA degree in visual media at the Advanced School for Fine Arts in Vienna during 1993-1994. MA in art studies at Tallinn Pedagogical University followed in 1994-2000. Mait has held lectures and lead programs about animation, organized animation workshops, he has also opened exhibitions with his painters and graphics.
Director Mait LAAS
Country Estonia, Finland
Year 2013
Running Time 74min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule