Legend of the Waterflowers
  • Korean Competition
  • The Island of Survival, Jeju
  • Special Screening: Barrier Free Version
Program Note The oldest working female diver of Jeju Island, ‘HYUN Soonjik’ has her own secret storage of abalone and conch deep in the water where the tide runs strong. She always yearns to go back, but it’s becoming more difficult with age. Furthermore, waste from sea farms is polluting the sea while chlorosis is destroying sea life. She develops a heartwarming friendship with ‘CHAE Jiae’, the village’s youngest female diver during their trips to the sea.
KOH Heeyoung
The director won the CGV ARTHOUSE Award Distribution Support Prize and Special Mention Award with her first film Breathing Underwater. She also directed See_Saw and The Breathing of Fire. Legend of the Waterflowers is her 4th feature documentary.
Director KOH Heeyoung
Country Korea
Year 2022
Running Time 92min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule