Lands for Freedom
농부들의 어느 좋은 날
  • 지속가능한 삶
Synopsis Lands for Freedom paints a vivid portrait of four farmers who have decisively turned their backs on conventional farming methods. Passionate and rebellious, they resist all those who’d like to sound the death knell for their freedom. Pictures of European and African landscapes during the four seasons, 4 characters with their life stories becoming linked to each other while speaking the same language: the one of the Earth.
Paul-Jean VRANKEN, Jean-Christophe LAMY 폴 쟝 브랑켄, 쟝-크리스토프 라미
Filmmakers and journalists. For over 20 years, Paul-Jean VRANKEN and Jean-Christophe LAMY have been following the problems of feeding the world in the context of sustainable farming and the protection of the environment. They filmed many assignments on these subjects, in particular, on soil pollution and its impact on health in EU.
Director Paul-Jean VRANKEN, Jean-Christophe LAMY
Country Belgium
Year 2015
Running Time 82min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule