Land Rush
랜드 러쉬
  • 기후 변화와 미래 - 왜 우리는 빈곤한가?
Synopsis In 2008, the world’s food system began to fall apart. Threatened with hunger, rich countries started buying up land in the developing world and transforming agriculture. In Mali, 75% of the populations are farmers, but rich, land-hungry nations like China and Saudi Arabia are leasing Mali’s land in order to turn large areas into agribusiness farms. As Mali experiences a military coup, the developers are scared off. But can Mali’s farmers combat food shortages and escape poverty on their own terms?
Hugo BERKELEY, Osvald LEWAT 휴고 버클리, 오스발드 르왓
Hugo BERKELEY is an award-winning director and cinematographer. Hugo has 10 years experience as a producer, director, and editor of documentaries, working with channels including CNN, MTV, and VH1. Osvald LEWAT is an award-winning film director from Cameroon, specializing in social and political subjects. Her work covers a variety of issues in locations around the world.
Director Hugo BERKELEY, Osvald LEWAT
Country USA
Year 2012
Running Time 58’22’’
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule