Land and Housing
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Synopsis Built in the 80s, Korea National Housing Corporation Apartments in Bongmyeong is a first-generation apartment in Cheongju. Although the district around it was designated as a maintenance area in 2008, the construction started in 2019 a long time after the residents had had a difficult time selecting a constructor. The residents who had waited in the hope of thwarting the redevelopment plan until the end, start moving out one by one, and the gardens and trees they have cultivated get cut off. Meanwhile, those who want to remember the place that will soon disappear begin to visit Bongmyeong Jugong Apt.
KIM Kiseong 김기성
He settled in his hometown of Cheongju after majoring in media art in Cologne, Germany, is leading a culture and art cooperative with young artists and conducting various activities around the region. Land and Housing is his first documentary film.
Director KIM Kiseong
Country Korea
Year 2020
Running Time 84min
Genre Documentary
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NameCinema Dal
Tel(+82) 23372135