Lament of Yumen
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis Yumen City, where China’s first oil field was found, was once the city of glories and dreams. Half a century passing by, its oil resources are depleted. The government and oil bases moved out and over 90,000 residents migrated, leaving it a nearly empty city. The documentary explores the social problems emerging along with China’s dramatic reforms by focusing on the underclass’ hopeless struggle for living.
JIN Huaqing 진 화칭
JIN Huaqing works in Zhejiang Satellite TV as a director. His works, Heavy Mental, Desire of Changhu, Lament of Yumen, concerned about the themes environment, workers, and youth issues. His works received 23 awards at international film festivals, and nominated nearly 100 times.
Director JIN Huaqing
Country China
Year 2012
Running Time 27'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule