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Synopsis Magnitogorsk is an industrial town, in the heart of Russia that lives in the shadow of its gigantic combine’s rusting smokestacks. Lena, a young mother and also a daughter of steel workers, teaches salsa, one of the many activities organized by the Kombinat. Sasha found a way to escape from the daily pressure in the steel plant. His Brother, Guenia, and his wife have decided to leave the town and its permanent pollution, the cause of their daughter’s mental handicap.
Gabriel TEJEDOR 가브리엘 테제도르
Born in 1978 in Switzerland, he works as a film director and journalist. Mainly focused on social transitions and utopias in Russia and ex-USSR, he investigates the links between the inhabitants and their history as well as their relationship to authority.
Director Gabriel TEJEDOR
Country Switzerland
Year 2020
Running Time 77min
Genre Documentary
  • Korean Premiere
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