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Synopsis In the countryside village of Gyeongju, at the end of a small alley where one car can barely pass, lives grandma Eupcheon. While it may look like she spends the whole day alone in a small kitchen, her day is quite eventful. Jjongi, a cat who keeps crying for food at every meal time, joins grandma Jeonan for their daily visit to the small alley several times a day to meet Eupcheon. There might be constant squabbling, bantering, and at times cursing, however Jeonan and Jjongi was always next to Eupcheon whenever she has a break from her garden chores.
KIM Bon Hee 김본희
Born in Gijang, Busan in 1997. She is a Visual Design major at Hongik University. She directed several short films including Growing City, Flowing Scenery(2020), The Change of the Ocean and Me(2019).
Director KIM Bon Hee
Country Korea
Year 2022
Running Time 20min
Genre Documentary
  • World Premiere
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