Kitchen Tales
부엌 대소동
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis The kitchen of a forgetful granny comes to life when she’s not around. Saltshaker, Sugar bowl and the rest are set to fix what she's accidentally forgotten. Wise Saltshaker leads every rescue mission and easy-going Sugar bowl is sometimes relaxed and carefree enough to spoil Saltshaker’s morals. Will their plans be foiled by the feared rapper Tartar, hiding in the fridge?
Vojtěch DOMLÁTIL 보쉬테흐 도믈라칠
He was born in Prague, Czech Republic. Graduated from Academy of Architecture, Arts and Design, Prague, Czech Republic – studio of illustration and studio of animation, graduated as Magister Artist and since 2013, he has worked as an assistant in Studio of animation on FUD ZCU in Pilsen.
Director Vojtěch DOMLÁTIL
Country Czech Republic
Year 2013
Running Time 8min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule