Keep on Rolling: The Dream of the Automobile
자동차의 꿈
  • 기후변화와 미래
Synopsis In just over a century, cars have completely transformed our way of life. In many areas, cars are
prioritized over people. 62% of urban space is now devoted to roads or car parks and garages are often larger than children’s rooms. Devoting so much public space to the least efficient form of transport has also changed the way we interact with our environment. Children go out much less and watch much more TV. This film examines the implications of our love affair with the car.
Oscar Clemente GALÁN 오스카 클레멘테 갈란
Oscar Clemente GALÁN alternates his works in the TV industry with “handcrafted” documentary production projects. Since 1995 he has written and directed 12 documentary films.
Director Oscar Clemente GALÁN
Country Spain
Year 2011
Running Time 56'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule