Kamome Diner
카모메 식당
Synopsis Kamome Diner recently opened on a street in Helsinki. It’s a small Japanese restaurant run by shrewd Japanese owner Sachie. Serving rice balls as its main menu, the diner has not seen a single customer for the past month. Every morning, Sachie continues to prep her dishes. When will she finally be welcoming a customer? One day, Japanese manga buff Tommi who asks for the theme song of the animation series, and another day, Midori who claims she ended up in Finland because it was the country she pointed to on the world map with her eyes closed. Soon the diner comes to life with a growing number of customers.
OGIGAMI Naoko 오기가미 나오코
Born in Chiba, Japan in 1972, she studied film at the University of Southern California after she graduated from Chiba University. She later worked as an assistant at an Ad agency during which she directed a number of short films. is her feature debut film.
Director OGIGAMI Naoko
Country Japan
Year 2006
Running Time 102min
Genre Fiction
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Tel82 70 8670 2617