Just Animals
  • The Life of Action-ists
Program Note Saila was an animal lover since childhood. She was sued by farmers after secretly filming food animal farm and was involved in a lawsuit for 3 years. She has fought for animal rights for 10 years, but she faces her own limits after realizing she cannot fulfill her own idealism. The film deals with the issue of animal rights not by asserting its necessities, but by delivering sensory perceptions of the character’s inner world. The use of unique hand-written texts, home video footages and dreamy insert shots are the tools to portray the journey of the film, a character in search of the identity of the animal activist. Surrealistic scene where the club filled with joyful music turns into the large scale slaughter house clearly depicts the agony and conflict of Saila.
Vesa Kuosmanen is a Helsinki-based film director, screenwriter, and co-founded a vegan culture space. Saila Kivelä is the debut director and scriptwriter of Just Animals and an animal rights activist.
Director Saila KIVELÄ, Vesa KUOSMANEN
Country Finland
Year 2022
Running Time 80min
Genre Documentary
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NameThe Yellow Affair