• 동물과 함께 사는 세상
Synopsis Based on the true story, the film is the tale of the tender and moving friendship between a lonely boy and an extraordinary dog. In the small town in Cicily, the stray dogs are headache and to be restricted. To the protagonist boy who is always lonely because his dad is busy with election campaign, a dog offers friendship. The dogs are just the objects to be controlled to the grownups to whom policy making and winning the election is more important. But the boy’s father makes an exception after finding how the dog gives his son what himself couldn’t give. His change gives the whole village a lesson about being human. The selfishness of human beings who try to shun the animals off what they think their territory is a sharp satire through the children’s eyes.
Alessia SCARSO 알리시아 스카르소
Born 1979. Obtained her Diploma in Editing from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, the oldest film school in the world and the most important one in Italy. Her début in directing fiction was with the short Uninstalling love which was selected in more than 100 festivals worldwide and has won dozens of prizes. She is also responsible for the editing of the film Come Non Detto, a Moviemax Media Group production. Italo is her feature debut.
Director Alessia SCARSO
Country Italy
Year 2014
Running Time 106min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule