Isla Bonita
환상의 섬
  • 지속가능한 삶
Synopsis Fer is a veteran publicist who is going through a life crisis. Because of this, he takes refuge in the island of Menorca, where he will be surrounded by various acquaintances and new friends he meets. Thanks to them, a new perspective on life is opened to Fer, who will fully enjoy life in a natural environment which will awaken all his senses.
Fernando COLOMO 페르난도 콜로모
Fernando COLOMO is a veteran writer and director, well known to Spanish audiences. Since the late 70’s, he’s specialized in life-like comedies with big crossover potential and films about historical or real facts with topics related to the confrontation of cultures. He used to work with international cast: Penélope CRUZ, Harvey KEITEL, James FLEET and Mathew GOOD.
Director Fernando COLOMO
Country Spain
Year 2015
Running Time 101min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule