Invisible Demons
보이지 않는 위협
  • ECOmmunity
Synopsis In a sprawling mega city where the dangers of climate change are present not future, Rahul Jain shows a world on the brink. Told through striking images and eye-opening accounts from everyday citizens, Invisible Demons delivers a visceral and immersive journey through the stories of just a few of Delhi’s 30 million inhabitants fighting to survive. Invisible Demons offers a deeply experiential and new perspective on its subject: the clear and present climate reality. Jain engages the senses by stimulating our desire to live in a world with equitable access to clean air and water.
Rahul JAIN
He earned a Master of the Arts in Aesthetics and Politics from the California Institute of the Arts. His final thesis of studies was titled The Anthropocene in the Cinema.
Director Rahul JAIN
Country India, Finland, Germany
Year 2021
Running Time 70min
Genre Animation
  • Korean Premiere
Screening Schedule
  • DC12
Print Sources
NameMK2 Films