Into the Dark
동굴 속으로
  • 창백한 푸른 점. 공존
Synopsis How much do we know about the world under our feet? Nowadays, with the development of technologies, the height human kind reached is much longer than the depth we explored. In Dudu Town of Fengdu County, Chongqing City, there are countless caves and dolines. In 2014, the Chongqing Caving Team and British leading caver decided to go on a comprehensive scientific expedition in Dudu Town.
HUANG He, LIU Zinan 후앙 허, 리우 지난
HUANG He Mr. HUANG is expert in making outdoor exploring and natural science documentaries, highly experienced in producing TV programs and documentaries. He had produced many outstanding publications and documentaries. LIU Zinan Mr. LIU is expert in outdoor expedition documentaries and commercials. As a guest photographer for Chinese National Geography, he is good at rock climbing and rope access, highly experienced in shooting in extreme environment.
Director HUANG He, LIU Zinan
Country China
Year 2016
Running Time 39min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule