Inconvenient Festival
불편한 영화제
  • 꿈꾸는 사람들
Synopsis While spending time together on new year‘s day of 2017, rural migrant JIN Nam Hyun(29) and young film director HUH Gun(27) have planned a film festival which opens with participant’s tents in the rural field. One summer night, a raucous film festival in a starry open field. They filled with romantic dream in their mind making a film festival, but there are always realistic barriers that made them worried and powerless. Above all, Jin’s farmland Neomeng-gul is a 100% pure clean area where street lights do not come in and telephone calls do not work, and sometimes wild boars pop into the fields. It is really wild and remote area. Can people gather here in this uncomfortable and inconvenient place?
HUH Gun 허건
Majored in history, Kyung-hee University. HANKYOREH Film making course, 46th class Programmar, Neomeonggul Film Festival.
Director HUH Gun
Country Korea
Year 2017
Running Time 37min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule