In the Sky Where Seasons Pass By
계절이 지나가는 하늘에는
  • Korean Competition
  • ECOmmunity
Synopsis In Jecheon Duksan Elementary School, below Woraksan Mountain, 15 students have been in the same class for six years. They don’t sit still during the class like any others. They would whisper about their teacher that he can’t even control his own emotions. The new teacher, Yun-jae, who imagined his students to be calm and well-behaved, is frustrated to see them quite different from any other students. The children are now heading toward graduation. Their seasons fly in the sky. What is the sky filled with?
KO Hanbul 고한벌
Since 2011, he has worked as an elementary school teacher. The story of corporal punishment culture in the school was made into the first short film Out of the Classroom.
Director KO Hanbul
Country Korea
Year 2021
Running Time 103min
Genre Documentary
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NameCinema Dal
Tel+82 23372135