In Praise of Love
셰익스피어 인 아시엔다
  • International Competition
  • Talking Places
Synopsis Abandoning himself to his world of myths, adventurous encounters and reflections on the reality that surrounds him, Beto shows the viewer a fascinating place: the unknown. A Mexican village enters into a relationship with Shakespeare; some local legends with romantic tragedies; contemporary life with past history. In such a path, love remains a fundamental concept and self-care is indissolubly linked to the care of the other.
Tamara DRAKULIĆ 타마라 드라쿨리치
She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Film Directing at the Academy of Arts Belgrade in Serbia. She made three feature films, The swing (2012), Ocean (2014), and Wind (2016).
Director Tamara DRAKULIĆ
Country Serbia
Year 2020
Running Time 79min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
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NameMonkey Production