If You Build It
우리가 풍력발전기를 만들자
  • 그린파노라마-Action4Climate
Synopsis A group of young Canadians takes it upon themselves to strive for a more sustainable way of life by building their own wind turbine from scratch. With little to no prior knowledge or experience, the group finds aid in the surrounding community's range or skill sets that all come together to create a moment that will last for as long as the wind blows.
Jake BEED 제이크 비드
Jake BEED graduated Acadia University in Canada majoring Economics and studied Digital Filmmaking at Nova Scotia Centre for Art and Technology. If you Build It is in part with 'Sexton Energy Ethics' which is a group of Engineering and Architecture students on the Sexton campus of Dalhousie University discussing the holistic issues of energy production and consumption both locally and globally.
Director Jake BEED
Country Canada
Year 2014
Running Time 5min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule