Ieoh Island (Ieodo)
  • Masters: Legacy and Honor
Program Note Ieoh Island (Ieodo), which features some of the most bizarre settings and images in all of Director KIM Ki-young’s films, was screened at the 28th Berlin International Film Festival. It is set in the 1970s, when tourism was at its peak. SUN Woo-hyun, a tourism company executive, holds a campaign for Ieoh Island as an event of building a tourist hotel in Jeju-do, and invites journalists to join him on an expedition to find out if Ieoh Island exists, during which one of the reports, CHUN Nam-seok dies. SUN Woo-hyun heads to the island to investigate the mystery. The film depicts the clash between the desire for development and those who want to preserve their customs in a dreamy and disturbing metaphor. Director KIM’s trademark themes of “female sexuality” and “survival instincts” are again important themes in this film.
KIM Ki-young
Born in Seoul in 1922. After making his debut in 1955 with The Boxes of Death, he directed more than 30 films, including The Housemaid 1960, Woman of Fire 1971, and Chungnyeo 1972.
Director KIM Ki-young
Country Korea
Year 1977
Running Time 110min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule