• 그린파노라마
Synopsis Icaros explores the spiritual universe of the Shipibo indigenous people who live by the Ucayali River, one of the main tributaries of the Peruvian Amazon. Young Mokan RONO sets outs on a journey to discover the ancestral knowledge of ayahuasca, mentored by a wise shaman and by his mother, a master healer.
Georgina BARREIRO 죠지나 바레이로
Georgina BARREIRO was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and studied the career of Design of Image and Sound at the University of Buenos Aires. She edited several TV doc for Canal Encuentro, INADI, Canal a, Proatv, Discovery Channel, University of San Martín and National Library of Argentina. She has worked both as an editor and producer in The October Silence. Icaros is her first film.
Director Georgina BARREIRO
Country Argentina
Year 2014
Running Time 71min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule