I Can Only Show You the Color
우리는 이길 필요가 없다
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis In the Peruvian jungle, a mining company forces their way into the depths of the forest to search for mineral resources. They do this with the government's permission, but without consent from the indigenous people, the Awajun natives who live there. Violence breeds counter-violence.
Fernando VÍLCHEZ RODRÍGUEZ 페르난도 빌체스 로드리게스
He studied Philosophy in Lima and Filmmaking in Madrid. His works are inquiries into the fractures of Peruvian society and the use of video archive, and have been selected in London, La Habana, Karlovy Vary, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, and Montreal. Since last year, he is the Head of Programme of Lima Independent Film Festival.
Country Peru
Year 2014
Running Time 25min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule