I am part of it
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Synopsis F_e_e_d_i_n_g_ _t_h_e_ _P_l_a_n_e_t_ _– _E_n_e_r_g_y_ _f_o_r_ _l_i_f_e_, the central theme of the World Expo Milano 2015 covers sustainability, innovation, tradition and technology. The Swiss Pavilion area is dotted with a total of 16 animated shorts presenting people from Switzerland who reflect these topics.
Yves GUTJAHR, Claudia RÖTHLIN 이브 구잘, 클라우디아뢰틀린
After getting his bachelor degree in animation, Yves worked on several stop motion productions like Fantastic Mr. Fox and Danny Boy. Claudia made her BA and MA degrees in Animation and works as an independent director and animator and creates commercials in the field of stop motion. She works as a co-director on the TV-Series Dis-moi Dimitri and as a junior animator for the Polish stop motion short Danny Boy.
Director Yves GUTJAHR, Claudia RÖTHLIN
Country Switzerland
Year 2015
Running Time 18min
Genre Documentary, Animation
Screening Schedule